Bali’s main religion is Balinese Hinduism

Despite the fact that most of the Indonesian population is muslim, Bali’s main religion is Balinese Hinduism, which is basically a form of Hindu combined with some of the local beliefs. There are a few other minorities that include Christianity and Islam, but also important to note is that Buddhism is also a part of the equation as well.

What you need to know about the Balinese Hinduism is that this is basically an amalgam where demigods as well as gods are worshipped alongside the Buddhist heroes. Sacred places and indigenous agricultural deities are also worshipped.

The great thing about religion in Bali is that this not only includes theology and mythology, but it also combines stuff such as philosophy, animism, magic and ancestor worship. Because of that, it pervades many of the aspects that you can find in the day to day life, and that on its own is quite amazing to be honest.

Religion in Bali

This particular religion has some deep roots in Buddhism as well as Indian Hinduism, but it also managed to adopt the animistic traditions that you could encounter in the case of indigenous persons. This religion basically focuses on the idea that both gods and goddesses are found in all things, no matter if they are living or not. In fact, all elements of natural reflect the power of the gods, and they include spirits which can be guided either towards evil or towards good, depending on the situation.

Another great thing about Balinese Hinduism is that this is interwoven with ritual and art, as it basically allows you to ritualize the states of self control. This is one of those things that has made Bali famous, because it has one of the most intertwined, yet very beautiful religions that manage to attract people from all over the world.

You can find numerous religious processions all over Bali, and this offers countless extraordinary opportunities. On top of that, most persons that pertain to the Balinese Hinduism are sharing their belief into a temple. This is why there are lots of amazing, large temples all over Bali, with the Mother Temple of Besakih being one of the major examples in this regard.

There are some Chinese immigrants in the region as well, which started to create a new religion by mixing their own with Balinese Hinduism. This alone created the Sino Balinese current that’s common in a variety of places all over Bali.

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